x52pro-linux  0.2.1
Saitek X52/X52Pro drivers for Linux/Unix
Saitek X52/X52Pro drivers for Linux/Unix


libx52 is an open source library that allows you to communicate with a Saitek X52 or Saitek X52Pro joystick on Linux and Unix machines. Saitek only provides Windows drivers for their joysticks, necessitating the need for this project for users to be able to control the LEDs and MFD text on a Linux or Unix device.

This documentation is intended for application developers who wish to use the features of this library to communicate with supported devices.

Getting Started

See the Integration page for details on how to integrate libx52 with your application.

Library Features

libx52 supports setting the following parameters on the joystick

  1. Text on the multifunction display (MFD).
  2. All 3 clocks on the MFD.
  3. Date display on the MFD.
  4. Blinking of the POV hat and clutch LEDs (both blinking or not).
  5. Shift indicator on the MFD.
  6. Setting the color of the individual LEDs (on the X52 Pro only).

Application Programming Interface

See the documentation for the following files for a complete list of all functions.