Saitek X52Pro drivers & controller mapping software for Linux

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Saitek X52Pro joystick driver for Linux


This project adds a new driver for the Saitek/MadCatz X52 Pro flight control system. The X52 pro is a HOTAS (hand on throttle and stick) with 7 axes, 39 buttons, 1 hat and 1 thumbstick and a multi-function display which is programmable.

Currently, only Windows drivers are available from Saitek PLC, which led me to develop a new Linux driver which can program the MFD and the individual LEDs on the joystick. Although the standard usbhid driver is quite capable of reading the joystick, it is not sufficient to really utilize all the capabilities of this system.


This page documents the objectives of the project and the status. This project is currently a work-in-progress.

Kernel Module

Currently, a kernel module exists which supports reading from the joystick and reporting to the input subsystem. The kernel module also supports setting the following:

Pending are the following:

Userspace Daemon

In progress is a userspace daemon which hooks to the hidraw interface of the standard usbhid driver and interprets the hidraw data. Objectives for this daemon are: